Taking African Art to The World
The Tate Modern Gallery of Art sits on Bankside, London, United Kingdom. Its imposing structure is noticeable to a first time visitor to that popular suburb in London. A repeated visit means a continued admiration of an interesting piece of architecture.

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An Interview with Ayodimeji Chukwuma Olugbewesa

By Amara Iwuala “Documenting Ben Carson’s Visit to Olumo Rock is one of the High Points of My Career.” – Ayodimeji Chukwuma Olugbewesa, Photographer/Visual Artist Ayodimeji Chukwuma Olugbewesa has established himself in Photography, a profession where his father and late grandfather’s achievements are noteworthy. Olugbewesa, who runs D’mayo Photography, speaks with Amarachukwu Iwuala on his […]

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An Interview with Usy Dinka

By Amara Iwuala “I Have a Creative Eye to Get the Best Pictures out of the Worst Environments.” – Usy Dinka, Dentist turned Graphic Artist & Photographer. Usy Dinka is a 2006 Dentistry graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. He practised Dentistry for two years before taking up an offer as a freelance […]

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An Interview with Mbiedabasi Ekpo Etim

By Amara Iwuala “Photography Allows Me to Express My Resourcefulness.” – Mbiedabasi Ekpo Etim Mbiedabasi (Mb) Ekpo Etim is the Head Photographer at Carrot Photography, which was established in Uyo in 2013 whilst its Port Harcourt office was set up in 2017. He tells Amarachukwu Iwuala about his sojourn in this art and business.   […]

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Artist of the Week – Tobijulo Onifade

By Adefoyeke Ajao Tobijulo Onifade is an illustrator, surface artist and graphic designer. A graduate of University of Southampton’s Winchester School of Art, Onifade’s oeuvre includes digitally-enhanced prints, mosaic-inspired watercolour paintings, textile and upholstery design as well as a jewellery line named “Akun Joke” which is dedicated to making fascinating ornaments.     The Lagos-born […]

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An Interview with Zaynab Abdulrahman

By Amara Iwuala “I’m Not Really Big on Product Photography” – Zaynab Abdulrahman As an adolescent, Zaynab Abdulrahman realized that, in order to keep memories, she enjoyed using her phone to take the pictures of people and things. She discusses her five-year journey as a professional photographer with Amarachukwu Iwuala. Zaynab Abdulrahman obtained a Bachelor’s […]

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Artist of the Week – Esther Luntadila

By Tobijulo Onifade Magic: a quality of being beautiful and delightful in a way that seems remote from daily life. Magical, that’s the best word to describe Esther’s work. Esther is a Congolese born, Canadian based illustrator, studying Graphic Design and Communication and is in her final year. Esther has always had a niche for […]

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Esther Mahlangu

By Tobijulo Onifade Esther Mahlangu is an 82-year-old South African female artist known for her Ndebele cultural art/murals. Armed with bright colours and geometrical shapes and patterns (done by hand, no ruler), Ms Mahlangu works have adorned different surfaces.   Picture by Seagram Pearce,   She started painting at the age of 9, taught […]

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Nigerian Artistry – Cartooning and Parody

By Tobijulo Onifade According to the Apple dictionary, a Cartoon is a simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way, especially a satirical one in a newspaper or magazine. This concept started in the Middle ages with Paintings, tapestry and so on and later evolved in the 19th and 20th […]

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Artist of the Week – Chinedu Ogheneroh

By Adefoyeke Ajao Chinedu Ogheneroh is a proficient illustrator, colourist and graphic designer. Alternately known as Lord Kpuri, the artist is also a writer and poet with a published anthology, “Chioma, If I Sell Something, Will You Buy?” to his name.     Born in 1993, Ogheneroh’s renditions articulate his thoughts about the beauty and […]