Artist of the Week – Olarinde Olayemi Ayanfeoluwa

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By Tobijulo Onifade


[skribuh l]

verb (used with object), scrib·bled, scrib·bling.

  1. to write hastily or carelessly:
  2. to cover with meaningless writing or marks:

The most exciting aspect of the Nigerian visual art scene these days is the ability of our people to turn the smallest and negative things into something creative. Scribbling and doodling have been associated with negativity and absentmindedness but its something we all have done at some point in our lives. Further research actually shows that doodling has beneficial effects on the mind and more. What makes this phenomenon (Scribbling and doodling) even more interesting is the creativity and works that have emerged from them, which brings me to the artist of this week Olarinde Olayemi Ayanfeoluwa.


Image from @ayanfee_ on Instagram


Olarinde Olayemi is a Visual artist and photographer. She is a Microbiology student at UNILAG, who is known for using different mediums for her works but is more famous for her style, Scribbling. She is a self-taught artist and illustrator who is inspired by a Peruvian artist based in Italy, Erick Centeno.

Olarinde Olayemi has always been interested in the arts but her style merged from frustration but realized that drawing patterns led to a more relaxed state of mind. According to her artist statement on, “each stroke bleeds emotions, good or bad and I love that I can express myself well via merging lines and dots”.


Olarinde Olayemi Ayanfeoluwa


The Gusto series is one of my favourites. This series depicts different sportsmen in their element, and from her write-up and Art, one can sense the dynamics of determination and goals. What makes this work appealing is the medium used. I have seen a lot of Sports illustrations but this stands out because of the scribbling effect, which gives an illusion of motion. It’s a brilliant body of work.


Image from @ayanfee_ on Instagram


Image from @ayanfee_ on Instagram


Image from @ayanfee_ on Instagram


Another favourite is her mixed media series, which comprises of collage, digital art and scribbling. These works have a surreal effect and the use of colour is also a plus.


Image from @ayanfee_ on Instagram


Image from @ayanfee_ on Instagram


Looking at Olarinde Olahyemi’s portfolio on her Instagram page, one can see that she has come far from where she first started and there are a progression and confidence in her works now. This shows me that she is not afraid to learn and improve on her craft and it is obvious that she will go very far. Art is just one creative outlet for her, she is also a photographer and maybe we might even get to see a fusion of both in the nearest future.

To see more of Olarinde Olayemi Ayanfeoluwa’s work, visit her Art635 page



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