My Art635 by GTBank Virtual Reality Experience

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By Tobijulo Onifade

I arrived at the Ogba Iyaiye branch at past 11 to experience the Art635 Virtual Reality Art Exhibition. Tomisin, a hospitable young lady gave instructions on how it worked “To move from one room to another or a different floor, focus on the yellow circle, to get more information on an art piece, focus on the painting” she then left me to have a lovely experience.

I put on the VR Headset and I was immediately transported to the ground floor of a gallery with amazing art pieces neatly arranged on the walls and a soft instrumental piece playing away in the background. I came across “Love conquers” by John Madu, “Egungun- Oya” by Data Oruwari, “As our mother told us” by Titus Agabra and many more. The lighting on this floor was a little dim which set a certain ambience, I truly felt like I was somewhere else.

Moving to another room, I came across by mixed media pieces by Ayobola Kekere Edun, “Fiona” the beautiful watercolour piece by Abisola Gbadmosi, photographs by Elogosha Osunde and so on.

I moved to the upper floor and the interior blew me away. The lighting was impeccable, felt like the roof was made of glass, which made the light reflect in an artistic manner. This brought out the beauty of the works and there was also room to seat. The glory of Wole Lagunju’s works was in full display in this upper room

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant about this experience in that I was feeling a bit self-conscious as it was done in the banking hall. I was a bit worried about the clutter going on around me and wondered if I would truly enjoy the experience, but I did. I found myself smiling at odd times. The only thing I will suggest is that the experience should have its own room as I moved around a lot and had to be conscious of my environment in order not to bump into something or someone, Tomisin was there to make sure that didn’t happen though.

The best thing about this exhibition is the fact that different mediums of art were arranged side by side which gave it character. In a physical gallery, it is rare to find a traditional art piece placed beside a digital piece or even surface design print, but this was made possible with the Art635 Virtual Reality Exhibition.

I implore everyone to go to the exhibition locations at GTBank branches if you can and have an encounter of your life!



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