Emmanuela Enegbe Abung

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Emmanuela Enegbe Abung (also known as Ella Abung) is a fine art photographer born on 24th December 1998. She is based in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. Abung is also an undergraduate studying Mathematics/Economics in the University Of Benin.

She started her photographic journey in November 2016 and has been relentlessly working at improving her skills through online courses, workshops, books and other educational resources. Abung’s interest is in nature and landscapes photography and she has a special affection for the environment.

She uses the camera and editing soft wares as tools to share her thoughts, opinions and the effortless beauty of nature with her audience. She is drawn by, and loves the peace and beauty of the early hours of the morning and this resonates in her style of work.

Abung feels strongly about all things artistic and creative. In a statement credited to her, she states, “I believe it allows us as humans to share our point of view and thoughts in a unique way, long before 2016 when I started photography, I already had an affinity for other mediums of art like music, graffiti, illustrations and drawings but was greatly inspired by a group of travel photographers on Instagram called TravelOurWorlds, who shared breathtaking photographs of the earth and so I decided to work at creating art of my own which I hope to leave a piece of my thoughts in, in a way that positively impacts and inspires others, no matter how small and also shows and preserves nature’s beauty, in photographs”.

She aspires to have her work exhibited in major galleries in Nigeria and abroad. Ella also hopes to teach photography and be surrounded by passionate people who want to improve their craft and art, whilst assisting them through their photography journey.

She loves listening to music and reading, she also likes antique things and has collected a few coins for a start.