Favour Ifeoluwa Ogundimu

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OGUNDIMU Favour Ifeoluwa is a 21 years old visual story teller. She is an undergraduate at the Obafemi Awolowo University. Ogundimu is an ardent lover of art and believes photographs should not just be aesthetically appealing but they should also arouse our curiosity.

She states thus about photography, “They have the power to cause a change, not just that, they can tell so many things about an individual. That is what my type of photography ismade to do, leave you thinking, I want to plant a seed in the hearts of many so much so there is a conditioning of the mind-set, because I believe genuine change starts from the mind. In the long haul, I want my clients to not just have pictures taken but to want my images to help share their stories with a view to inspire others”