Red Clouds on my Land

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152cm x 182cm Canvas size


Red cloud on the land
Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. I can hear it. It started as a soft monotone, but as time bore on, it seems to have crescent into a benign clank that tears through my often cluttered sensibility. It is rather unsettling because I cannot zero down on one source for this rude intrusion which seem to characterise my days. It seems to emanate from myriads of places with increasing frequency and my mind seem choked down as I attempt to make sense of it all. The whys, the whats, the when, the whos, they all seem to elude me. The Reason. I need the reason for this. One thing, though seem clear, I have an implicit feeling of impending menace hovering threateningly and the clanking might just be a precursor to eventual cataclysm.
I reached out to my progenitor for comfort but received rebuff from a woman routinely ravaged by many lovers and charlatans and left in utter ruination with ebbing hope for normalcy. All the promises made in the days of plenty now seem trapped in the oblivion of dreams as I grapple with the reality of my damnation. I was born a hope for a lost generation, but feel so alone in this crowded abyss. The weight of reclamation is upon my youthful shoulder like a curse and I am determined to live. I am the “super-boy” and only I can save us from the present plight. Only I can stop the clock from timing out and ushering in the ominous alluvion of biblical proportions. Alas the cloud is heavy and there’s little time. – SEGUN AIYESAN 2016

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