Seth Alifo

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Whenever the scroll rolls away, the eyes come into contact with majestic surroundings of colourful coral reef that team up with life, and exert the most affectionate and creators of art to devise, such pictures of hope, thus paintings, movies, animation, music, stories etc.
It inspires, informs unites, decorates and brings us love, happiness, togetherness and perfection to wipe out merciless of the ocean of relentless filth.

Artists have more to offer beyond the horizon of this universe because they are the beacons of hope in this present time. We bring communication, development and advancement.
In this moment of our lives, everybody is looking into the future, so promising and we can co equally achieve that world if only artists are recognized in all fields of work.

Born in the Volta Region, Ghana (West Africa); the artistic ability of an optimistic and trustworthy young man Seth Alifo started at an early age. Whenever he finds himself at an immense state of tranquillity, creativity is his nourishment.

During his teens, everything he puts up was pleasant and appreciated by all around him and since that moment art became the driving force of his life. To bring unerring accuracy in art, he looked forward with hope and schooled at the Ghanatta College of Art and Design (Accra Ghana) where he instinctively developed and matured in the art field.

Over the past periods, he has been researching and practising in his art career with the willingness to bring out something fine and different in the art. And this has led him to the discovery of a technique he called it AFRO ECCENTRIC WAVES.

Afro eccentric wave technique is the intricate transparent waves of lines and shapes in circular form. A technique that has intrigued many art collectors, art lovers and, has changed every environment. He normally uses to render his abstract paintings for a great beauty.
His skills in art are unlimited, he emphasises on special areas like surrealism, romantic art, abstract art, wildlife painting, cubism, expressionism, impressionism, watercolour expression, portraiture, textile, graphic designing, illustrations.

Due to his excellence in creativity and uniqueness, his painting is entering into every part of the world with no boundaries and barriers because we are living art.

Created to hang on, Stand up, Forbear, Continue and encourage others. Peace be unto all humanity.