Oladele Akinwunmi Olaopa

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Oladele Akinwunmi Olaopa was born in Ibadan in 1960 to a family of five siblings. His primary education was at University of Ife Staff School. He then attended Government College, Ibadan and the International School, Ibadan. Olaopa’s tertiary education was at the Polytechnic Ibadan where he studied Architecture.

He developed an interest in art as a young child always doodling on books, on desks, on walls and just about any surface that would take his pencil or pen. He draws his inspiration from all sorts of sources and anything that allows him to about African culture and tradition.

Olaopa is a keen observer of his environment – people, animals, plants etc. He is always on the lookout for shapes, colours, texture and perspectives. He likes movies and booking reading both fiction and nonfictional materials in order to build up criticality. As a creative person, Olaopa enjoys the company of good and critical conversations that build up the mind. Art should be fun and one should leave room for whims.

His personal belief propels him to work and his convictions are important in his creative process.