Obasola Bamigbola

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Obasola Bamigbola is a Nigerian photographer with special interest in documenting people, places of historical heritage and culture. Born in Iba, Osun State, Obasola lives and works in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria, but his career has taken him to other nations and his works have reached international audiences.

He strongly believes a photographer’s role in the society is to reshape the world with the ability to see what others cannot, by using his skills for social change; bringing various personalities into the art of photography, capturing the moments more so with an act of charity, to create great physical, material and emotional joy.

In 2014, two of Obasola’s photographs were selected among the ten winning photographs of the Reading Bridges Magazine Images for Change. In 2016, Obasola won the Cultural Lens of the Youth Assembly at United Nations.

He also won the 2016 State Of The Union (SOTU)- Africa Rising photography competition; with his work displayed at the Africa Day in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2017, Obasola’s works were displayed at the FOTO Party, Lagos Biennial Edition.

He coordinated the 2015 and 2016 editions of NiPHEC-Nigeria Photography Expo and Conference, Lagos and Abuja. He attended FotoFactory Lagos in 2017 and currently attending The Nlele Institute’s 2018 mentorship program.

Obasola is motivated by the zeal to change the narratives about Africa and Africans, using his skills and artistic endeavor for what he strongly believes he will cause a social change and birth a new perspective that will change the preconceived notions about us, whilst portraying who we truly are, where we are from, what we do, our passion and relentless tenacity.