Kenneth Ojimba

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I am a Nigerian, from Oru West L.G.A. of Imo state. I was born in the ancient city of Benin but grew up in Asaba, Delta state. I grew up knowing how to draw, dance, write and rap. I spent my childhood dotting on football and movies. I grew up liking pen as a tool for art than the traditional pencil; pen (biro) was more engaging and expressive in my opinion.

Primary school was at St. Peter’s Primary school Asaba, while secondary school was in Asagba Mixed secondary school also in Asaba. University education was in the renowned University of Benin where I studied Accounting.

Abstract ballpoint Art or what we call mandala appealed more to me than other forms of artistic expressions. I have been doing this for four (4) year and commercially for a year. Though the stereotypical view regarding Art and Artist has always been a stumbling block but I chose to follow my heart.

The eccentricity of man and nature is the main inspiration behind my artwork and abstract form of art gives me the ability to put a lot of details in a simple piece of work. When complemented by mandala its right on point. Through the eyes of fact, I observe my environment and the humans in them; these inspire me to bring forth my artwork.

My aspiration is to bring forth art pieces that bear within them the blueprint to the next pattern of civilization. Renowned artist are prophets, they show the world through their work the possibilities still locked up in man and in nature. Redefining the norm and stretching the boundaries of a human mind is the goal.

I am a firm believer that there is more yet to be seen when it comes to artistic expression, and abstract art gives me the room to go as far and as deep as I want.