Eni Bassey

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Eni Offor Bassey was born in Lagos and he is from Ekori Town of Yakurr Local Government in Cross River State of Nigeria. He is a product of the ATC Kano, now FCE Kano, and later got his Bachelor of Arts degree from The Fine Art Department of The Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in Kaduna State of Nigeria, specializing in Painting. He is also a member of The Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA)

He currently runs a Studio in Lagos Nigeria where he does his experimentations. Bassey is presently working on Liquidized Colour technique in Painting and his themes are drawn mostly from Festivals, situations and from aspects of daily life that elevate the spirit of the viewer. He has participated in exhibitions and workshops, a notable one among them was titled Aesthetics of reduced forms organized by Goethe-Institute Lagos September 11 – 22, 1998, The October Rain of the SNA Lagos 2015, and The HeArt of Felabration Exhibition in October 9th 2017. He has also handled several commissioned Paintings and Portraits of various individuals across nations. The uniqueness of his style and the effect it has on the viewer explains the rather wild pursuit of his paintings, the friendly honesty that oozes from his works is both compelling and stimulating and it unlocks the desire for a faithful relationship with them.

Apart from being a Painter, Bassey’s vast professional experience includes Character Modeling, Animation, Illustration, with a good experience in After-Effects and consulting activities. He has equally worked in Eloheenu International as a Graphic Artist/Illustrator, TQA Communications Ltd as a Senior Graphic Artist/Illustrator, Neo Media and Marketing Limited as an Art Director. He can simply be described as a dawn to Earth Artist that is not affected by fancies but pursues his visual creativity through the masterful control of Paint and Brush.