Data Oruwari

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Data is a self-taught visual artist/ creative professional born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She holds a bachelors degree in Law from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a masters degree in Business/Branding from the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She is passionate about “Creativity” and Art is just one of the ways she expresses herself. Though she holds no formal Art training, her interest in Art comes from her father who was an Artist himself. She currently spends her time in Lagos and New York. Her works have been showcased at group exhibitions such as “Standing Out II” at the SMO Contemporary Art Gallery in Lagos Nigeria (2017), “Afro Frontal” at the White Cloud Gallery in Washington, DC (2016), “Panorama Contemporary Art Fair” in Lagos, Nigeria (2016) and All Black Everything – Window Studio Community Art Center – Brooklyn, New York (2016). Her works have also been recognized alongside 75 other Nigerian Females artists in the book titled “Art of Nigerian women” by Chukwuemeka Ben Bosah.