Akintunde Olajide John

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AKINTUNDE OLAJIDE JOHN was born in June 1972 in Ebute-Metta lagos State. He enrolled as an art student in the renowned Yaba College of Technology Nigeria where he specialized in painting. These paintings include some of his first tentative foray in water colour. The majority of his paintings have been showcased in more than 25 exhibitions both in Nigeria and abroad. Akintunde is inspired by nature, people, the fluidity of movement and the environment.

His major collaborations include Igaladun, which translates to enjoyment in Yoruba.  His first solo exposition was at Maison de France in Lagos in December 2004. Akintunde is a member of several art organisations including Defactori Studio, Society of Nigeria Artist, Sable Watercolour, Nigeria and the San Diego Water colour Society.

He has participated in several exhibitions both on the domestic scene and overseas including Dawn of Democracy, Lagos (2001); San Diego Watercolour Society, USA (2003); Our Experience Masion De France Lagos (2004); Colour of The Year (Dulux) Eko Le Meridian, Lagos (2006); October Rain Society of Nigerian Artists, Lagos (2009) and Masion De France Lagos (2009).

His works are exhibited as collections in some of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions including First Atlantic Bank, Access Bank, Union Bank Loans & Savings (2003 calendar), NEM Insurance (2003-2004 calendar), Highgate Brokers (2004), Homeaway Guest House Lagos, Doctors Quartet-Internet programme, Big Brother Nigeria, Inland Bar-Lagos and Masion de France (2004-2005).