Jekein Lato-Unah

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Jekein Lato-Unah is a Nigerian multidisciplinary artist trained in the art of pottery, painting and performance art whose primary interest seems to be to tackle patriarchy in Africa. She’s known for her use of symbols and patterns to create paintings celebrating women and frowning upon society’s marginalization of the female gender.

Jekein was born in Lagos in the mid 90’s and grew up around art in various forms. She began selling her artworks in 2014 and quickly began exploring various styles. Currently studying Law at the University of Lagos, Jekein won the award for outstanding contribution to the Arts and Culture in the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos.  She also won the SME100 Nigeria’s under 25 awards for her invaluable contribution to the Arts, Crafts and Culture. Jekein studied Performance Art under Jelili Atiku in November 2016.

She was also a participant and Art director for “A Day Exhibition”; by Jelili Atiku at the Art House Foundation Residency. She exhibited at “It’s not Furniture”; the Temple Management Company’s debut art exhibition at Omenka Gallery. Her work graces public and private art collections across Africa.