Mohammed Agbadi

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Mohammed Agbadi

As a child, his mother exposed him to a wide variety of comics and cartoons and she began tutoring him in the art of drawing because she had some background knowledge in the arts herself. This charted a path for him to follow in choosing a career and made him grow up to become interested in creating graphic novels and animated shows of his own.

While in the university in the year 2012, he made friends with two other students whom he shared the same interests with and then they got hired by Draxarts to work on his graphic novel called Asperhad. This would be his first time working with a team. Later on that same year, he got an internship to work as a character designer for a new game company in Nigeria called Kuluya. The team was headed by Nigerian renowned artist Christopher “Jydekris” Okonkwo. He was able to pick up relevant training, experience and knowledge from that project.

From then on he became exposed to concept art and became aware of a social network of artists in that field and became inspired by Americans and other artists doing concept art. He soon began practising digital painting. He got some freelance work doing that kind of art, but he was still interested in comics so he had a tendency to do more comic work rather than paintings. Over time as he received more work experience in the production of comics, he was able to further develop his skills in that style. Since then he has taken up freelance for various clients worldwide.

In the artists’ own words:

“I’m still young anyway and I know I have a long journey ahead of me. I have no idea what the future holds, but I have an idea on how to prepare myself to face it head-on, and that is to draw more.”