Jacqueline Suowari

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Jacqueline Suowari is a full-time draughtswoman and mixed media artist. She holds a B.A in Fine Art and Design and majored in painting from the University of Port Harcourt.

Her foray into art started from the early age of five with a strong influence from her mother and for the past decade, she has stunned many in the art scene with her pointillism approach to drawing especially with ballpoint pens.


Jacqueline is motivated by the power inherent in the intriguing art of drawing. The thousands of ballpoint pen strokes which make up every single piece of her work reveals the countless hours which it takes to achieve perfection in her eyes, with a single piece, sometimes taking several months to complete. With each piece, she combines various elements of design to share her experiences and inspiration with the viewer/audience/.   She expresses her deep emotions and experiences in her work with thoughtful imaginations which leaves emotive impulses and feelings.


Jacqueline has participated in several group exhibitions and has been featured in several publications including Chukwuemeka Ben Bosah’s book “The Art of Nigerian Women” which chronicles some of the best Nigeria’s female artists. Her works are found in private collections locally and internationally.


Website: www.jacquelinesuowari.com