Claver Odhiambo

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Claver Odhiambo is a Kenyan realism oil painter with professional experience dating from 2014. Born in 1995 in Nairobi, Kenya, he developed an interest in painting in 2010 as a high school art student and picked it up as a career when he joined the University of Nairobi four years later as a B.A. Design student (2014-17).

The global rise of the hyperrealism art movement (and continental especially from West Africa) inspires the outlook of Claver’s work, his general theme being human figures and detail as drawn from the art of the Renaissance and latter periods in the history of art.
Claver aspires to be among those who will help spur the style to the next level as well as motivate even more Africans to pick and embrace it as a worthwhile form of art.